Saturday, 26 February 2011

Busy putting together talk for farmer meeting on Tuesday with 40 dairy and beef farmers in Gwent.

Talk will focus on rising feed prices and opportunities to make better use of forage and alternative feeds to minimise feed costs.

We will look at latest developments in maize varieties, update on grass mixtures for this year and look at alternative forages such as stubble turnips and fodder beet.

Should be a good night with lively discussion

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Drought Buster Blend

With grazing still short in the south of the uk and moist feed supply tight, we have sourced an alternative feed option in the form of a drought buster blend, 16% protein and high in energy it can be used to supplement grazed grass at a very competitive price of around £155 per tonne depending on load size and location. This will ensure milk yield and quality is maintained and cow condition and fertility do not suffer.
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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Gwent Maize Trials

Finally drilled our welsh maize trials on friday into a very dry seed bed, 12 plots of various varieties. Badly need rain now to kick start growth.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Silage making in full swing

With silage making in the UK now in full swing, dairy farmers need to ensure they use a good quality additive such as Ecosyl 100 or Sil ALL to ensure they get a strong fermentation and well made silage. Pre cut fresh grass analysis is showing moderate sugar levels and high nitrates due to the cold nights and cool days we have had, and also in some areas the long dry spell during April. This has led to fertilizer nitrogen being taken up slowly and in many case not converted to true protein in the grass.

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Dairy Consultancy Services

Welcome to the new blog for dairy consultancy services. We are a young UK based dairy consultancy business set up 2 years ago by Neil Moorhen after over 25 years working with UK dairy farmers to help them improve performance and profitability.

We provide independent advice to our clients on nutrition, herd health and improving performance.

We also supply inputs such as high quality feed, minerals, forage seeds and forage additives which we group source, helping to reduce our clients input costs and provide tailored solutions to meet their objectives.

We will be using this blog to help keep our customers and potential customers informed on technical and general dairy industry related topics.

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